2:05pm - 1/24/21

So There has been some Drama going around on Youtube. Jeffree star's hair person was talking shit about "trisha paytas" and "fat shaming her" all because he was reacting to her video. The thing of it is that you don't do that to anyone i don't care if you where reacting to a video he was a jerk and a dumb ass how he was. It's not right for anyone to threthen anyone with something. At the end he apologize but i hope he learned his lesson and i think he got fired by Jeffree star. We are all adults and so does Jeffree star and he apologize for what he did. I think we need to find out who we are and stop being a "mean girl" to other people. Where adults lets not go back to highschool drama. The drama don't stop there but for now we are on the topic of "Jeffree Star". I still would like to buy some of his makeup but i don't think i will every get some!

The Lovely Affies